Sunday, April 13, 2008

We are Not Alone

Here's a Y update.

I've been three times. The Hubster and Big Sis have been a little bit more...Little Sis was asleep last week, I was editing a book, and another night, I was off scrapbooking...We've just been BUSY!

Today, I biked 11 or so miles...last time, I did 12.5, but I had a NOISY bike today! I walked a little more than half a mile. I did that blasted triceps machine for 10 reps today! (Last time, I did 5.) I swam 8 laps. (2 last time...oops!)

During my laps around the track, I passed one of the exercise studios a few times. I think it was the Turbo Kick looked fun and interesting, and a little exhausting. I tried not to stare through the windows as I walked by, because I know that I wouldn't have liked it if I was in the class...but it was hard not to glance in every round.

There were men and woman of varying ages and sizes participating in the class, and I thought I might give it a try some time. The first time I passed it, I noticed a heavy woman in the back row. She was heavier than I am, and I was impressed with her actions in keeping up with the rest of the class. Each time I passed, I saw her there, silently cheering her on. Go, Fat Lady, Go! On my fourth pass, though, I noticed she was missing from the back row. As I rounded the corner, she stepped onto the track, red faced and puffing, an apologetic look on her face. Great job! I wanted to tell her. You were working hard in there...I've been thinking of trying it myself. Of course, I said nothing. I wasn't sure of proper etiquette, so I kept my mouth shut.

Soon, I caught up to the woman, and I debated whether or not I should pass her and the woman ahead her--who was also heavy...or if I should just slow my pace. I don't like passing people. I have to speed up to pass them, and if I end up slowing my pace, then they'll end up passing ME. I hate passing people. In the end, I decided to pass them, and I did so, wondering how we looked, three Fat Ladies trying to desperately to save ourselves.