Sunday, November 16, 2008


I got my first weight loss compliment the other day. A friend that I work with patted herself under the chin and said, "You look thinner here." (Thanks, K, I love ya!)

I rolled my eyes and said, "Yeah, 4 pounds." But at least it's something, right?

During Turbo Kick on Wednesday, the instructor called me out in front of everyone.
"Hey," she said, "You kicking it twice this week?"
"Yeah," I said, breathlessly, as we were already well into the warm-up.
"You are?" she asked.
"Yeah, twice."
"This week?"
"Yeah, this week."
" know that means you have to come again, right, because Saturday was LAST week!"

Ha, ha. Very funny, right? She got me. And I DID go twice. Two weeks in a row. Good for me.
(Probably won't go twice this week, though, I have to work on Saturday.)

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

No Hope for Fat Ladies...

I was sitting at my desk yesterday morning when I suddenly became very dizzy. It was a strange feeling, and one I couldn't quite shake. Later, my ear began hurting, and it crossed my mind that I probably had an ear infection. (Because I went swimming...I've developed them the last couple of times I've gone...I think I'll start wearing ear plugs.)

I went to urgent care on my way home, and when the nurse asked me to step on the scale, I asked if I could just tell her my weight. She wrote it down, and I told her that I had just weighed in at Weight Watchers (WW or "Quad V" as my friend calls it) the night before. She asked me which one I was going to, and told me that she had done WW herself years before. She said that she lost almost 40 pounds and had tears in her eyes as she told me that none of her numbers went down...her cholesterol, her blood pressure...everything stayed the same. The nurse looked at me and said, "You think you're going to lose the weight and it's going to fix everything and it just doesn't."

I was shocked that she had shared such personal information with me and a little intimidated, too. If there's no hope, then why bother, right?

But I will bother. My glucose was down at my appointment this year, and I want to keep it that way. I don't want the label of Type 2 diabetes, and I know that's what's in store for me if I don't lose some weight.

I'm working on it. I have hope. (I also have an ear infection.)

Sunday, November 09, 2008

Not New Anymore...

So, it's been a week. (Kind of...almost.) I got my monthly friend (even though I'm not supposed to have it right now) this week, and I'm feeling fatter than ever. I hate this.

It hasn't stopped me from eating right and exercising every day. Go me.

I even went to Turbo Kick twice this week. (Am I awesome or what?) During the class, the instructor yelled at me for not keeping my fists closed. "Who are you going to hurt with that punch? You're not new anymore, sister." No. No, I am not new to Turbo Kick anymore. I am, however, still fat. And while I wasn't about to blurt that out in a room full of people, it didn't stop me from thinking it and repeating it over and over again for the rest of class.

It never hit me...really, until just now...that being fat shouldn't keep me from keeping a tight fist. I might not move as fast as everyone else in the class, and I sure as hell don't look as good, but I can do the moves correctly. I know it's working...just moving that hard for that long each week is helping me. My arms aren't bulging with muscles and my six-pack is still hiding under layer upon layer of flab, but I know it's helping.

I've got to quit using being fat as an excuse.

Monday, November 03, 2008

Watching my Weight

Here I go again...

Joined Weight Watchers tonight. For good this time.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

I know.

I know it's been a while.
Forever, in fact.

I'm BUSY. I'm editing my heart heart out now, and loving every minute of it.

The Hubster and I started South Beach (Again) Super charged on the 6th of July. I'm down about 15 pounds--which is a start at least.

Ran into a friend after swim class at the Y last week, and she invited us to do the Turbo kick class with her and her husband. I wrote it on my calendar for tomorrow night. (Gulp.)

Got the Hubster's credit report emptied...working on mine.

Got a raise. (Hooray!)

Got a new wedding ring.

Got school shopping for two kids to get started on. (Yikes!)

I'm living. Be proud. (And wait for me. I'm around.)

Sunday, April 13, 2008

We are Not Alone

Here's a Y update.

I've been three times. The Hubster and Big Sis have been a little bit more...Little Sis was asleep last week, I was editing a book, and another night, I was off scrapbooking...We've just been BUSY!

Today, I biked 11 or so miles...last time, I did 12.5, but I had a NOISY bike today! I walked a little more than half a mile. I did that blasted triceps machine for 10 reps today! (Last time, I did 5.) I swam 8 laps. (2 last time...oops!)

During my laps around the track, I passed one of the exercise studios a few times. I think it was the Turbo Kick looked fun and interesting, and a little exhausting. I tried not to stare through the windows as I walked by, because I know that I wouldn't have liked it if I was in the class...but it was hard not to glance in every round.

There were men and woman of varying ages and sizes participating in the class, and I thought I might give it a try some time. The first time I passed it, I noticed a heavy woman in the back row. She was heavier than I am, and I was impressed with her actions in keeping up with the rest of the class. Each time I passed, I saw her there, silently cheering her on. Go, Fat Lady, Go! On my fourth pass, though, I noticed she was missing from the back row. As I rounded the corner, she stepped onto the track, red faced and puffing, an apologetic look on her face. Great job! I wanted to tell her. You were working hard in there...I've been thinking of trying it myself. Of course, I said nothing. I wasn't sure of proper etiquette, so I kept my mouth shut.

Soon, I caught up to the woman, and I debated whether or not I should pass her and the woman ahead her--who was also heavy...or if I should just slow my pace. I don't like passing people. I have to speed up to pass them, and if I end up slowing my pace, then they'll end up passing ME. I hate passing people. In the end, I decided to pass them, and I did so, wondering how we looked, three Fat Ladies trying to desperately to save ourselves.

Monday, March 31, 2008

"Y" Not?

Yesterday, the Hubster and I took the girls to our local YMCA and became members. We dropped Little Sister off at the daycare, and the rest of us headed upstairs to check it out. (Big Sister went there a few times over the summer before the membership her mom carried on her was cancelled, so she graciously showed us around.) She and I tried out some recumbent bikes while the Hubster tried to prove just how macho he is with the dudes working the weight machines.

After that, we all walked a lap, then ran a lap...okay, Big Sis and Hubster ran a lap while I ran about 3/4 of one. (My chest was killing me...maybe after I find a better sports bra.) Then I decided to test some of the weight machines...I've been looking for some major arm work. I last three reps on the triceps machine with the minimum weight--five pounds. My triceps were burning, they hurt so bad. (My mom told me to look on the bright side, and try and do it four times next time. We'll see.)

Later, we picked up Little Sis and all of us went to the pool. We took turns watching her--that girl seriously needs some swimming lessons, it's next on my list, I swear!--while the rest of us played, Big Sis did the rope swing, and the Hubster and I swam laps. He made it 3, and I forced myself to do 10. I almost died after the first one--it's a LONG pool!--but I made it. My arms are feeling it today. 33 laps makes a mile, so maybe next time, I'll do 15...then 20...then 30...THEN 33. (I don't think I need to do more than that, really. Yikes!)

Tonight, instead of sitting down to write, I made myself get some exercise first. The great Tanya Little (Oops! I meant Tony, of course! The hair always throws me...) recommends just 5 minutes every other day on his new toy for beginners. I've had it since we got back into town on Thursday, and I've faithfully done my 5 minutes every other day since. So it's only been 3 times that I've used it, but I swear I feel my legs getting stronger already.

I'm such a sucker for infomercials, though I can usually will myself away from the phone or the computer. I happened upon Ms. Little on HSN one night, and couldn't seem to stop watching. My first thought was "that looks like something I would fall off." But as I watched more and more, I just became more interested. I mean, FREE shipping, for goodness' sake. And FLEX pay options! I was hooked. When they set up with the "first time users," I told the Hubster, "If they show a fat lady doing it, I'm buying it." Well, the third lady in was fat enough, so I hopped out of bed and bought it in a flash. The next day, I read the not-so-stellar reviews and started having second thoughts, but I figured I would give it a flash. People complained about the smell--which was awful at first, but went away very quickly. They also complained about it moving across the carpet--which I haven't had a problem with, and also about it squeaking--which again, I haven't experienced. Whatever, right? It's a fun little thing that we all can and will use. Totally worth it, in my opinion. (I plan on adding my review, soon...just wanted a few more sessions to get acquainted with it!)