Sunday, November 09, 2008

Not New Anymore...

So, it's been a week. (Kind of...almost.) I got my monthly friend (even though I'm not supposed to have it right now) this week, and I'm feeling fatter than ever. I hate this.

It hasn't stopped me from eating right and exercising every day. Go me.

I even went to Turbo Kick twice this week. (Am I awesome or what?) During the class, the instructor yelled at me for not keeping my fists closed. "Who are you going to hurt with that punch? You're not new anymore, sister." No. No, I am not new to Turbo Kick anymore. I am, however, still fat. And while I wasn't about to blurt that out in a room full of people, it didn't stop me from thinking it and repeating it over and over again for the rest of class.

It never hit me...really, until just now...that being fat shouldn't keep me from keeping a tight fist. I might not move as fast as everyone else in the class, and I sure as hell don't look as good, but I can do the moves correctly. I know it's working...just moving that hard for that long each week is helping me. My arms aren't bulging with muscles and my six-pack is still hiding under layer upon layer of flab, but I know it's helping.

I've got to quit using being fat as an excuse.

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