Wednesday, November 12, 2008

No Hope for Fat Ladies...

I was sitting at my desk yesterday morning when I suddenly became very dizzy. It was a strange feeling, and one I couldn't quite shake. Later, my ear began hurting, and it crossed my mind that I probably had an ear infection. (Because I went swimming...I've developed them the last couple of times I've gone...I think I'll start wearing ear plugs.)

I went to urgent care on my way home, and when the nurse asked me to step on the scale, I asked if I could just tell her my weight. She wrote it down, and I told her that I had just weighed in at Weight Watchers (WW or "Quad V" as my friend calls it) the night before. She asked me which one I was going to, and told me that she had done WW herself years before. She said that she lost almost 40 pounds and had tears in her eyes as she told me that none of her numbers went down...her cholesterol, her blood pressure...everything stayed the same. The nurse looked at me and said, "You think you're going to lose the weight and it's going to fix everything and it just doesn't."

I was shocked that she had shared such personal information with me and a little intimidated, too. If there's no hope, then why bother, right?

But I will bother. My glucose was down at my appointment this year, and I want to keep it that way. I don't want the label of Type 2 diabetes, and I know that's what's in store for me if I don't lose some weight.

I'm working on it. I have hope. (I also have an ear infection.)

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