Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Back to Life...

Back to reality. Why did I miss this again? Remind me again why I couldn’t wait to get back to class.

So, Body Pump isn’t exactly my favorite. When I started going, Turbo Jennie told me this was the class that would change my body. And damn if she isn’t right. THIS is the class that has me losing inches. It’s hard. It’s not fun. (Okay, it’s kind of fun, but not nearly as fun as any of my other classes.) And did I mention, it’s hard? Yeah. It is.

Since I started, I’ve really been afraid to take a break from Pump. Even when I miss a day during the week and end up doing it once instead of twice, I dread going back. I always secretly thought that I would just quit if I ever missed a bunch of classes. (Which is one of the reasons I love the Y and the friends I’ve made there. I can’t just quit. There would be questions. And serious trouble.) Weight lifting was one of things I asked about at one of my very first appointments for my foot injury. “Oh, you can lift weights,” I was told. “You can’t stand and lift or carry them, but you can lift them.” Okay.

I made it work, too, with Jennie’s help. (You know, her gentle guidance? I believe it went something like, “Get your butt in here and do arms, girl!” *Sniff* So supportive. I love her, really!) Every Pump for the last five weeks—okay, four weeks, because I’m pretty sure I skipped the first week completely…and maybe the next week too, for some reason...okay, the last few classes, anyway—I’ve gone and set up all my stuff, with the Hubster dutifully carrying my weights and my friend, The Sex Toy Lady helping out. For the first ten minutes of class, during the warm up and squats, I would head out to the fitness area and ride the stationary bike. Back to class for the chest track. Walk the track a time or two during the back exercises. Back into class for triceps and biceps. Out again for lunges. Back for shoulders, abs, and cool down. During one class, Jennie pointed to me and told the other instructor, “Now that’s dedication.” Dedication? Maybe. More like I was scared out of my mind about taking time off and coming back.

Tonight, I went back for my first full class. Yes, my smile was about five miles wide when Doc said I could get back to exercising, but beneath the excitement was the fear that I just wouldn’t be strong enough. That I just couldn’t do it.

But I did it. I dropped my weight a little bit, but probably not as much as I should have. My legs are reminiscent of those Wacky-Waving-Inflatable-Arm-Flailing-Tube-Men. (Except I would be Wacky-Waving-Inflatable-Leg-Flailing-Tube-Lady.) I couldn’t help but giggle through class as my legs shook uncontrollably. It reminded me of my first Pump when Jennie told me to bend my knees and I told her not to look at me because they were shaking so badly. Arms were tough, but not because I haven’t been doing them, just because it’s a hard round. (For the record, my shoulders, triceps, and I are done with Body Pump 70.) My back feels awesome. I missed the clean and press. (I am totally serious, too. It’s a great move once you get it down. Of course, would have been easier tonight if my legs had been a little more stable than…oh, let’s say…Jell-O?)

I’ll have to see what tomorrow brings me. I am taking it easy still, but anxious to get moving more. I will never complain about going to class again. Ever.

I went to Weight Watchers last night. I went last week and threw a temper tantrum, threatening to quit if they made me get on the scale--they didn't. I skipped altogether the week before. I gained two pounds the week before that. This past week, I kicked it into gear, tracked my points the way I was supposed to, and stuck with the plan. I was rewarded at the scale, where I discovered I lost FOUR pounds! My weight loss total is 29.2 pounds--Very exciting stuff. I can only hope to get my metabolism back on track and really start knocking out the pounds. Let's GO!

I’m back. And better than ever.

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Rebekah said...

YEA for tracking points and sticking to the plan!!!