Saturday, July 11, 2009

The Long and the Shorts of It

Even though my weight loss has been yo-yoing the past month or so, people keep telling me how great I look. I have been so focused on the scale that I haven’t been very gracious. I suppose I should say “Thank you,” rather than rolling my eyes and saying, “My pants feel really tight today.” So, if I’ve blown off a compliment recently, I’m sorry and thank you. I do appreciate them, really.

I went into work today because I’m taking Friday off to head down to Omaha to visit my mom, some cousins, and the Henry Doorly zoo, of course. (Even if I may have to see it in a wheelchair or a scooter that beeps when I back up.) I actually like working Saturdays because it’s quiet and I can get a lot done. Plus, I can wear whatever I want.

Though I have shown up on a Saturday in my pjs, today I wore shorts and a T-shirt. I don’t wear shorts very often, because I’m not a real fan of my legs. I only have one pair of denim capris that fit me well right now, though, and they were in a wrinkly pile on my bathroom floor. I wanted to be comfortable, but not pajama comfortable—never know who might show up on a Saturday when I’m in pjs and no make up, hair a mess and singing at the top of my lungs to whatever’s on the radio. I’ve been caught more than once by our sneaky IT people. They’re like stealth bombers.

I was walking down the hall and caught my reflection in the window. I swear my right leg is looking slimmer than my left, which has been my biggest fear with this damn cast on. I can’t even say how many miles I’ve pedaled away on the stationary bike, pushing with my right foot while my left went along for the ride. With the cast on, I couldn’t tell if it was an illusion, or if my legs were actually different sizes.

I kind of forgot about it until it crossed my mind randomly this evening. (I am supposed to be editing, so I am, of course, finding other things to keep me occupied.) I started digging for a tape measure. I just had it last night, measuring the wall by our door for a new shelf to control the outrageous amount of shoes we seem to have accumulated. Naturally, tonight, it was nowhere to be found. I discovered one in my sewing kit and snuck into my bedroom for a little investigation.

My legs measure the same, so I’m thinking it was a weird illusion created by my cast or the window or the time-space-continuum. It’s got to be something like that, right? While measuring my legs, I remembered that there is a place in my 3 month points journal—which I have been using religiously for the last 4.9 days—to record measurements.

I flipped to that page and started comparing.

Since April 27th, I have lost one inch off my upper arms, two inches off my waist, two inches off my hips, and THREE inches off my thighs!!!

I am super impressed with myself and can’t believe I didn’t think to measure myself sooner. (Actually, I think I did, but couldn’t find my tape.)
Does it mean I’ll wear shorts more often? Probably not. I still don’t love my legs, though I’m thrilled to know that something I’m doing is working. I will promise to stop feeling sorry for people who have to see me in shorts. (Only if they’re wearing sunglasses, though, those babies are white, white, WHITE!!!)

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