Monday, February 09, 2009

Do Ya Miss Me?

I was doing so well, too.

Wednesday night--Turbo Kick. I took some Excedrin PM. Helps me sleep, but I still wake up in the night and I get a massive hangover the next day. Ick.

Thursday night--Skipped Turbo, not feeling well. Took a sleeping pill, but not until about 10. Yes, I thought it was a magical pill that would put me out right away. It didn't. I was up for a while and woke up half a dozen times.

Friday night--stayed home. I was tired, but knew I wanted to take a pill Saturday night, and didn't want to take one 3 nights in a row--because I knew I was definitely taking one Saturday night. Slept horribly.

Saturday night--Turbo Kick in the am. Got sick in the afternoon. Like awful, in the bathroom every five minutes kind of sick. Decided NOT to take a sleeping pill in know. Slept horribly.

Sunday night--Turbo Kick in the pm. Took a sleeping pill around 8:30. In bed at 9, asleep very shortly after. Awake at 2. Awake at 4. Awake at 5:30. Alarm at 6. (What is my problem?) But, sleeping from 9 until 2 is the longest sleep I've had in a while. Hooray for me.

Tonight, I am going to try to sleep without a pill. I went to Body Flow class, which is like Tai Chi. There's a relaxation time at the end, and I'm feeling very...relaxed. Except I turned my head funny and my neck hurts. I'm tired and I think I can fall asleep without help tonight. (Although staying asleep is another story.) If my Nuvaring was the problem, the hormones should be out of my system within the next couple of days. I'm going to lay off the sleeping pills and see how I do.

In other news, tonight was my weigh-in. I'm down... .8. Seriously. 19.8 pounds total. Bah. (I know. A loss is a loss. It's still frustrating.) I wanted to be down my 10%, which is 25.8 pounds by the time I hit 16 weeks...which is next week. Can I lose 6 pounds in a week? Probably. Will I keep it off the following week? Probably not. (Although I told my mom that I could hit the Y Biggest Loser style this week and maybe do it.)

I have stuff to write about. I just haven't been feeling well. But I'm here.


Anonymous said...

Sorry I didn't make it last night. I'm going to go to Step class today as I need to start going every day or every other day. Hopefully you slept well last night!

Anonymous said...'s been too long...what's up?