Monday, February 02, 2009

Date Night...

Not flowers and candy, followed by candle light, oysters, and hours of sex.

GIRL date night.

Catching up with my girlfriend--M, who LOVES her snazzy new nickname, by the way. Sitting and eating...God, delicious french fries, which turned out to be ENDLESS, but I only had one serving. We talked about several million topics and discovered that besides sharing a name, we have the same wedding band, the same fears, and that we are essentially the same person. We even dreamed about each other the other night--no funny business, we were competing in Iron Chef in mine and shopping at Walmart in hers...bizarre.

I had a fantastic time and hope we get to see each other more often!

I got home and discovered I'd have to walk a good two and a half miles to hit my step goal, so I hung up my pedometer at just over 5000 steps for today. (And Lindsay was out of the office today, so my beating stress phone consult got rescheduled.)

The greatest news of all is that I'm down FOUR more pounds for a total of 19!!!

The Hubster is rubbing my feet right now because they're freezing. What a guy...he must be confused as to what kind of date I had tonight.

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Anonymous said...

Hours of sex? Is that what you and the Hubster do? I guess we're not as alike as you thought =P Chris is lucky if he gets 20 minutes =) It might've been hours 5 years ago but this girl don't have the time or energy for that now! I'm going to assume you were kidding but if you weren't...I think you could trade in hours of sex for your 2.5'd probably burn the same amount of calories! I had fun last night too...we'll do it more often!