Friday, January 30, 2009


I ended up babysitting tonight for Mrs. C's three kids. Little Sister came with me and between the four of them, they were sweet and cute and funny and wild and naughty...all of those things as usual.

At bedtime, Little J tried to stall. Wanted a story...wanted a drink...wanted to play. I reminded him that he needs to get to bed because he as a big day tomorrow. He asked me why the day was so big. "Because it's your birthday party, silly!" I told him.

With that, he scampered into bed with a gigantic grin spreading across his face, telling me, "It's a HUGE day!"

A friend of mine from high school (Sorry, M, I'm tired. No cute name for you tonight) joined the YMCA recently--today, I think--and is coming to Turbo Kick with me tomorrow morning. I haven't seen her in a good 6 years or so and I'm very excited to see (and sweat with) her tomorrow morning. We're also planning dinner out next Monday after my WW meeting for a less strenuous reunion.

That said, tonight I'm left with a choice. Do I go upstairs and walk two miles on the treadmill and hit my step goal? Or do I go to bed so I'm not rushing everyone out of the house tomorrow morning? Perhaps if I had come home and changed and gone to the workout room right away, I would have been more motivated. As it stands, I think I'll take the early bedtime.

6,081 steps today. Not so fantastic. But not terrible, either.


Anonymous said...

No cute name? I guess I didn't realize you generally gave cute names to the friends you called out in your blog? And surprisingly enough, I've always wanted a nickname and have never gotten one...and you know what nickname I've always wanted???? "M"...exactly what you referred to me as =) So I guess you did better than you thought you were! I'm thinking about going to the step class tomorrow morning to see how I like that but I'm afraid of dropping my babies off in the room =( Plus I hurt my foot on Saturday during turbokick. I'm not used to wearing shoes--I'm kind of a flip flop girl...and I just noticed today that Target has a whole wall of flip flops already!! I'm excited for tomorrow night! Love, M. (also how I sign my emails but it's yet to catch on!)

Anonymous said...

P.S. So what are you going to change your blog to once you lose all the weight you want?

Skinny Lady Walking?

Lean Lady Floating?

I'll keep thinking!