Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Guess What?

I forgot to wear my pedometer today.
I. Am. Awesome.

I was driving into work today when I realized it wasn't clipped to the waistband of my pants. I hit the steering wheel and threw a little swearing hissy fit. Darn it.

The good news is that I came home, put it on, and headed to the Y. Instead of sitting on the bench, watching Little Sister's swim class for 40 minutes, I went upstairs and walked a mile on the track. (I wanted to run on the treadmill, but they were all full!)

After swim class, I headed up to Turbo Kick with my friend, The Sex Toy Lady. TSTL hadn't been to Turbo in three months or so and was a little nervous. Of course, she rocked the house while I stumbled through my 4th...5th? session of round 35. During class, she turned to me and asked, "You seriously do this twice a week? Are you crazy?" Yes, yes I am. (But I've lost 15 pounds, too! Cross, cross, zig, zag, knee!) I literally had sweat dripping off me tonight, which I usually don't have. (I tend to just get really, really red.) I was breathing hard and pumping furiously...and I didn't cry!

The Steps

So, I'm totally short changing myself since I didn't even put my pedometer on until 5 tonight, but I think it will be okay in the long run since I get an insane amount of points for Turbo. I just have to pull out my handy, dandy conversion chart...

Turbo: 14,500 steps (I count it as a mixture of low impact and high impact aerobics)
Actual steps: 4360
Day One: 18860

Not too shabby, right?

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