Saturday, January 03, 2009

You Raise Me Up...

I got my new sports bra in the mail yesterday, just in time for this morning's Turbo Kick.

I have some serious issues with sports bras. They're uncomfortable. They're expensive. They're hard to find.

Hard to find in my size, anyway. I've got a Gigantic chest. No, not Enormous or Full-sized. Gigantic. At least it's not Huge. (Get it now? Yeah. Ha ha, I'm hilarious.)

I pulled it out of the box and held it up for inspection. "Oh, my God. This thing is gigantic."
"Well, honey," said the Hubster, somewhat proudly, "so are your boobs."
And what can I say to that? When he's right, he's right.

When I rolled out of bed this morning, I was very excited to have some extra support. I usually wear a regular bra and a tank top with a built in bra. (Those things are jokes, by the way, NOT built for someone who's built like me.) It's hard not to notice the bounce when I'm facing a mirrored wall, and all I can hope is that no one else is noticing as well.

So I struggled into my gargantuan new undergarment, pausing to adjust the straps twice. I still ripped the damn thing when I finally got into it. Nothing a quick run through my Janome won't fix. Standing in front of the bathroom mirror, I realized it gave me an odd Madonna-esque shape. I hopped up and down a couple of time, scrunching up my nose at the result. I dug out my tank top with the built in bra and decided, just to be safe, I would double bag it.

I was amazed at the end product and distracted through class because my stuff was actually where it was supposed to be. That tiny pee problem that I blame on childbirth almost 7 years ago still kept me from air-jacking, but hey, I jumped. I ran. There was minimal bouncing. (And Charlotte, who has had four children, air-jacks like a pro. I am ashamed.)

It's nice to have a good support system and feel more confident during my workout. There were half a million people there this morning and I talked to a couple of newbies after class. They said they really enjoyed it and they're planning on coming back for Wednesday class. I welcomed them and told them they should keep it up because it's a great workout and lots of fun. One asked me how many classes it takes to get the moves down. I said, "Are you kidding me? I'm STILL trying to get them all down." It's a fun time, though!

Food is going well today, though it will go better once all the Holiday junk is out of my house. I sent the Hubster to the store with a list divided into two parts: BUY and DON'T BUY. The former included bottled water, fruits and veggies, and double-fiber-whole-grain bread. The latter included peanut butter, tortillas, and cheese. There is half a log of summer sausage, a huge block of cheese, and a box of crackers calling my name, but I'm trying to shut them up with clementines and apples.

I'm done being a yo-yo.


Lana said...

Madonna-esque, huh? I'm envisioning you with big ole cones while you're turboing. I made that word up just for YOU!

Regular Cinderella said...

That's about what I looked like, too...big ole cones. Maybe for 80's night next year. LOL

kris said...

Congratulations on getting some good support. I work for a company that makes supportive sports bras so I know how important they are. Pretty much essential equipment. Good luck with the the new routine.