Sunday, January 18, 2009

Angry Eyes

I hate it when my weekend turns out to be more hectic than I planned.

Saturday morning, we went to the Y where I turbo-kicked the Hubster. He is rarely doing what we're supposed to be doing and when I went to back kick--yes, I LOOKED--he was right there. It wasn't so much me kicking him as him running into me while I was kicking. (I just typed cooking. I'm starving but have to weigh in tomorrow so I'm going with a light dinner. Ick.)

Saturday night brought my office holiday party at a dinner theatre. The drive was long, the food was horrid, and we didn't stay for the show. I hesitated about going this year, but now I know for sure we won't attend the next one if they don't change the venue.

I woke up this morning to a crying baby. I thought at first that it was Little Sister, so I hauled myself out of bed and listened at her door. I could hear her snoring softly (she gets that from her dad!) so I went back to bed. There was a definite "maaaaaamaaaaaa..." embedded in the cries, so I know it wasn't the new baby down the hall. I heard it again later, but still couldn't identify where it was coming from.

Little Sister had a play date with a BOY from her class today. We met at an indoor play place and they had tons of fun. They were arm-in-arm adorable. (Although I kept recalling the picture Mrs. C showed me of friends of hers who met in Kindergarten and are now MARRIED. Yikes!)

After our play date, Little Sis and I went for haircuts. The first place had an hour and a half wait, so we drove to another place, which turned out to be closed. I called the Hubster for directions to another place, but the website listed conflicting information, so I ended up driving all over town. When I finally found a place that was open and could see both of us, there was a 40 minute wait. Since I'd been waiting all afternoon--plus the months and months I've been meaning to get a haircut--I decided 40 minutes wasn't so bad. Of course, when I finally got home three and a half hours after our play date ended, I realized I should have just gone to the first place and waited an hour and a half.

I like my new cut, but I hated the way she styled it so I came home and took a shower right away...not only to get out all the gunk she put in it, but also to get all the little hairs off of me. (I don't like stuff by my neck, so I made her close the drape loosely and ended up with hair own fault, I know.) Now I'm waiting for it to dry so I can see what it will really look like.

Six o'clock on Sunday evening and I have to work tomorrow. I didn't get half of anything I wanted to do this weekend done, and now I'm sitting here blogging about how I haven't worn my damn pedometer...oh, did I forget to mention that part? Yeah. The goodness the Hubster did laundry while I was gone so I won't have to call in naked to work tomorrow.

Also, I got my eyebrows waxed, so I've got lovely pink angry eyes. It's a good look. Really.

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