Tuesday, January 20, 2009

The Devil Sells Thin Mints

Every year brings the same old-same old New Year's Resolution.

Eat Better.
Exercise more.
Lose Weight.

The Hubster's birthday comes early and I get by, eating baked fish and broccoli. Valentine's Day comes and I open the cards and throw the candy away.
Easter comes and I look away from the candy and cry myself to sleep at night.

And then come the Girl Scouts.
I do pretty well. I think I got by with two or three during last year's diet. Not-a-one the three years before that.

This year, though, is different.

This year, both of my girl are selling Girl Scout cookies.
Thin mints.

Heaven help me.
(And please email me if you'd like to order!)


Anonymous said...

When do they start selling? Can I go ahead and reserve a case of Tag-alongs? Those are the ones with peanut butter and chocolate, right? Yeah... that's the good stuff...

healthy ashley said...

You can resist them! Luckily I don't get any near my house so I've been safe so far! But they are so good :)