Friday, January 23, 2009

Sweet Dreams...

Last night...I was tired. Dragging myself out of my recliner and into bed was a huge accomplishment. (One which involved knocking over a glass of water onto Little Sister's homework, of course.) When I got to bed, I turned on the TV to watch my super-secret-favorite show and climbed under the covers.
Since my eyes were already drooping, I took off my glasses and just listened for a few minutes. I was so close, I decided I would just miss my show and get some sleep.

Ten seconds later, I was out like a light. But I could hear music. Where was that music coming from? And I was moving. Lunge. Knee. Lunge. Kick. Lunge. Knee--Oops! I lost my shoe!

I sat up in bed.

Oh. My. God.

Turbo Kicking in my SLEEP.
What's wrong with me?

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