Friday, January 02, 2009

Head Start...

Things have been going...well. I've lost a total of 12.8 pounds doing Weight Watchers--I've gained a couple pounds back over the holidays, but I really feel like I have a head start on the New Year's Resolution crowd. There were a number of new members at my last meeting, and I'm curious to see how many there will be this week.

I'll be hitting Turbo Kick tomorrow morning with what Jennie calls "the tourists." The people who make a resolution to workout more and invade the YMCA in January, only to disappear months weeks days later.

I'm feeling better about myself. My pants are looser, my face is thinner, and I feel like I'm making better choices. (No, not 100% of the time. I can't be expected to forsake every Christmas cookie I meet.) Even a bought with bronchitis hasn't kept me down, although it did keep me out of Turbo for a couple weeks.

I only made one resolution this year...I'm going to win the lottery. It's a start, anyway.

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