Thursday, January 15, 2009

Having a Day.

Not doing so hot today. I'm stressed beyond belief.

I forgot to wear my pedometer AGAIN today--because, yes, I'm a complete moron. I was irritated with myself all day, but even more so at the end of the day when I got my cell phone from my purse and found my pedometer sitting in there. (Oh yes, in my purse, where I put it last night so I would be sure to remember it this morning.)

I could have used some exercise tonight, but there was too much to do...a trip to the post office, pick up my new glasses, out to dinner for the Hubster's birthday--I did excellent, by the way. Kudos to me for drinking water, putting half of my baked entree in a to-go box right away, and limiting everything else.

I slept peacefully last night for the first time ages. I'm hoping for a repeat performance tonight.

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